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Another week
May 3rd, 2009 by Chris

This week I am putting on the presentation for the PT department and going to explain the treatment and the Walkaide to them.  I keep walking as much as I can.  My knee still can only take so much but at least I don’t hike my hip up like I used to when my foot was still dragging.

I have to make sure they have my medicare stuff right because I got a feeling I am about to take a good chunk of change right to the pocket book.

Even if I ran out of medicare they have whats called “independent pool” and it’s 5 dollars for an hour I believe.  I can always keep my therapy myself and I will just become 100% aqua therapy.

I am going to make an appointment this week in Califonia to look into the Chronic Cerebralspinal Venous Insufficiency.  There is a doctor in Italy who thinks he may haver found a correlation between MS and an issue with the Azygous Vein and Jugulars actually draining the blood out of your brain and spinal colum creating a backflow which could create the pressure difference which in turn could create the Blood Brain Barrier breach.   It seems if they clear these blocks, or open these skinny veins, some people are experiencing some improvement in symptoms especially with heat.  There is a doctor who is following up on his work in the states and I figure if I have an issue I might as well get it fixed.

I wonder if this vein issue and the BBB being breached is the antagonist of MS?  I can totally understand the body not being able to understand the issue and starting an autoimmune response.  So I have the Autoimmune side of the MS done so I might as well as get this done too.