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Talked with Doc Hammond this week and found out some wild stuff
November 15th, 2008 by Chris

*** I amended this since Saturday so read the last line…***

First I need to tell you all I am going to try some 4-AP to see how it helps.  I’m curious so I said why not.  I’m telling you all in Colorado, and maybe if you are nearby it may be worth it, but the MS Clinic at the Anchutz Campus in Aurora with Dr. Corboy and Volmers is something else.  Top notch.

I had a call from Doc Hammond seeing how I was doing.  I told him about all the twitching and stuff.  He reminded me it’s very early.  He did tell me they really have no idea when or if the magic light will ever come on and it will become easy.  However we did establish I am as good 9 months after the treatment as I was 9 months before.  I’m just getting better at the same rate I got worse.

This is the wild part…I mentioned that my PT had ran out and I was walking like a old man a bit again.  He was bummed the PT had ran out because of how well I was doing.  Then he explained in MS and TM they seem to see a trend where whatever you gain in a month you will loose in a week and go back to where you were a month before.  In other words if you don’t keep working at the rehab and hard, the body goes back further.  Now the body will remember, because the MS is dead I guess, but it’s been so long since it’s had to listen to a muscle memory and it doesn’t have a bunch of them built up.  So I need to work extra hard at the neurological stuff to get it to stick.  It will stick, and it is sticking henceforth I am better, but I need to bust ass to stay that way.  They don’t know when I can stop busting ass, but I will be healthy as an Ox in the process.

So anyhow the twitching is done and true to form, I am better than before in ways.  I can now life my leg up two stairs at a time.  All day anytime for the most part unless I have been walking a bunch.  I have really started working on leg strengthening and flexibility.  I had no idea I needed to do it more until I walked upstairs from the dryer the other day.  I was shocked.

I can’t wait until January because the knee is pretty much done hurting unless I over do it.  Dr.Kerr and Hammond will be getting me a script for PT to actually teach me how to walk again.  I have the leg strength and now I need balance and gait training.

By the grace of God I’m going to walk without a cane again.  How cool is that?

**I wieghed myself today and I am happy to say in 8 months I have dropped 20 lbs exactly.  My highest weight when I was in my worse shape was 181.  I am now 161.  Muscular and not fat!!  I’ll take pics sooner or later and we will have some video coming of me at a Walkaide inservice I just did.  I had to get up and walk around.**

One Response to “Talked with Doc Hammond this week and found out some wild stuff”
  1. Sandy Says:
    November 19th, 2008 at 2:49 pm

    Hi Chris,
    I’m still here. Some strange stuff to report. I’ve had a very rapid heartbeat of late and a very noticable heart murmur. I didn’t have any of this before the HICY- doesn’t mean it’s the cause, though. Also, a very nasty case of seriously swollen glands and severe tonsillitis. This has been going on for over a month. As I have been reminded, though I do not wish to remember, I am immuno-compromised. My walking has not been good lately, either. No noticable change to me since Sept. Even walking short distances sucks. It could have to do with being so sick, though. Glad to hear you are doing OK.