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I can say it here…
September 22nd, 2008 by Chris

Yes it is your body and it is your right to do what ever you want with it.

Sorry you have  cancer.  Here is some known chemo that will get rid of it.  Go and try some clinical trial or holistic drug.  Then you can be pissed as hell when you die.

Here is some chemo for MS.  Go and try some clinical trial or holistic drugs. Wait and see what happens.  Wait till you can’t move because your body finally kaiboshed you once hard core like me and you never get it back.

It is everyone’s choice but to me it’s not much different than praying to God for a broken arm to magically heal when you are sitting in the hospital parking lot.  Didn’t God make doctors too?

Would you wait until your cancer was too bad to get treated?

Excuse my french and Grandma I’m sorry…fucking stupid

4 Responses to “I can say it here…”
  1. pvns2005 Says:
    September 22nd, 2008 at 9:32 pm

    About my experience with the Tovaxin clical trial:

    The staff at the trial facility did not fail protocol. I was dropped because OPEXA stated there were safety issues with me continuing the trial. This was after I completed the IIb trial and had already had my blood drawn for procurement for the extension study. Two weeks before the shot I was dropped. This tells me that I was on the real vaccine. Why would they drop me from the study if I was on the placebo???

    I got an MRI the next week for the Johns Hopkins consultation for HiCy (Revimmune) and it showed I had seven new active lesions. You would think if OPEXA was worried about my safety they would have dropped me sooner.

    That’s the facts. Nothing to argue about or debate. I received HiCy from Johns Hopkins in June and I am Feeling GREAT!!!

  2. Barry Says:
    September 23rd, 2008 at 8:44 am

    Hey Chris

    I don’t fully understand what you are getting at with this post. Is everything going ok?


  3. chris Says:
    September 23rd, 2008 at 12:38 pm

    I’m fine. I was on a forum where people are still trying to be happy about a drug giving a 30-50 percent improvement. They are trying to tell me there is no evidence anyone is getting better. Some Tim guy with Tovaxin up and left when the drug failed and now I get their anger.

    Let them pursue something that MAY MAY MAY work. I will stick with something that DOES DOES DOES work.

  4. Ally Says:
    September 24th, 2008 at 7:04 am

    Hi Chris

    First off I want to say how happy I am you are still doing well and I believe in this treatment.

    But I do not get what you are trying to say here, Are you saying this treatment works and the other treatments dont and if we choose not to have this treatment we will continue to get worse? If that’s what you are saying then sorry no wonder you are getting some negative feedback.
    It comes off as you are saying nanny nanny boo boo I got treatment and you didn’t.

    MOST of us either cant have this treatment because 1. JH/Rush ( I read they are doing this now as well) is too far away and we simply do not have the finaces to pay for hotels, travel, child care or even have enough people to help us. 2. Insurance turns us down 3. I read JH is not even offering this treatment to anyone anymore and going on to phase III 4. some may have other medical problems where they cant undergo the chemo.
    You are assuming if we havent had revimmune it’s our choice. Not for everyone it’s not our choice, we don’t even have the chance to have this treatment. SO please be careful how say things. It can be insensitve. I know you’re a nice guy and don’t mean to come off that way.

    I do believe in this treatment and I hope it will be available in other locations soon, but it doesnt look like that’s going to be soon. I think also this really only works in the recently dx, like you and me. This is why I would like this because I don’t want to get real sick, it scares me. But right now I only have the choices the rest of us have.

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