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Carpel Tunel, Heat, and Permenent damage
July 21st, 2008 by Chris

I had Carpel Tunel Surgery last Wed and the ‘ol hand has been a little, and I mean just a little sore. Some fascinating stuff I have noticed about the body and all of this going on.

Heat sucks bad still. In Denver it has been roaring and I have sucked very very bad. I went to MD last week and the weather was so cool and I was sooooooo much better.

I had the surgery and the heat was 95+. Between the two I had MS all over again. Plus the left hand is my cane hand. I want to be better tomorrow but it’s quite obvious I am not. W/o that cane in my left hand, I can’t walk for a damn for very far. –Unless it’s night and I am cool.

I don’t think the body can handle more than one bad “traumatic thing” at a time. I don’t think my body knew I had Carpel Tunnel until the MS was gone. The worst was gone and it could then worry about the minor stuff. Kind of like if your hand hurts let me hit your toe…just at a bigger extent. Now that I have this hole in my hand my body is saying, “Whoa let’s let him feel like he has MS. We got this bigger issue to deal with now.”

I bet in a month I feel great again too.

They are getting geared up fro phase three trials…they are only doing this off label as of now. I assume all those used will be entered into the trial as well. If you qualify for treatment they will do it for you.

Call them and ask if you have questions.

OK the hand is a lot sore now lol. TTYL

2 Responses to “Carpel Tunel, Heat, and Permenent damage”
  1. Skyler Says:
    July 24th, 2008 at 1:32 am

    So then you’re not really cured are you? I mean if you’re still experiencing the same symptoms than the MS is still there isnt it? If it were gone you woudnt stil be susceptible to heat would you?

  2. Chris Says:
    July 24th, 2008 at 10:24 am

    Well unfortunately it takes time for damage to repair. The lesions are healing but they are all not gone.

    It’s not MS that has issue’s with heat, it’s damaged nerves that have issue’s with heat.

    No, considering the fact I have about 15 degrees more in heat tolerance this summer than I did last summer shows the MS is gone. The fact I don’t need any naps even if I am tired from the heat shows it’s gone.

    I know this may upset you, and some other folks but it looks like my theory about the MS and the Carpal Tunnel was right. I got my brace off yesterday and I am already doing better than yesterday. It’s also 20 degree’s cooler as well.