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Ummmm what to say??
June 29th, 2008 by Chris

Just a howdy to tell all I still hate summer and the heat it brings. It still makes me feel like shit. I continue to work out and improve. Patience may be a virtue but it doesn’t mean I posses a virtue either.

Look at the previous post to get the quick link to the MRI pics.

Ummmmm… what to say…

Chenell started a new job and likes it and its a real company! She got duped by signature wire as many of you know. This is a full bennies right off the bat minute you walk in kinda thing. Only issue is if we take these bennies it will start our deductible all over again so we may want to pay out of pocket instead of starting them before January. Time to crunch some numbers to see whats cheapest but that is much easier now. Now that HiCy is over the big money is really done being spent.

I can’t believe I almost forgot this… I get to have Carpel Tunnel Surgery. I have a moderately severe case in my left hand. I believe it is from my cane. I didn’t feel it until about a month after the HiCy treatment when I started to get the feeling back. LOL So sometimes not having feeling is a bonus! :P How the hell am I going to walk or wheel for that matter either? lol

Alrighty folks… gotta go… more sometime soon.

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