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Whew…what a week!!
May 30th, 2008 by Chris

Well the conference is done and as usual it was emotionally draining.  Even more so for me than usual.

It used to be just the Walkaide I had to talk about but now throw in some HiCy and wow!!

First and foremost the Walkaide is definitely rehabbing my leg quicker than I could do it alone.  I noticed it for sure the last 2 days because my lower leg did not -I repeat- did not cramp or spasm and I spent the larger portion of 3 hours on my feet walking.  I can hold that foot up by itself now much longer than in March.  The muscle is coming back now and my motion is much better too. (DAMN KNEE!!)  Talk to your PT or doctor about them.  Absolute lifesaver as I have reported for a while now.  Plus without me focusing on trying to lift my foot I can focus on my hip and butt muscles, keeping my leg straight the way it should be, and walking right.  When the rest of the leg plays ball I can worry more about the foot.  I had another woman tear up when she saw my foot work.  I know what I’m doing is important.

The response to HiCy was comical and sad and wonderful and just something to see.  I had people tell me that it was just a 4 year flare up ending and that was why I felt better.  I had people look at me like I was nuts.  I had folk who just didn’t believe me. Then I got up and walked and told them I was wheeled into JH.  Then they get more interested.  Some folk knew a good thing when they heard it but others just  didn’t by it.

I heard the next convention is in Atlanta and maybe I will be there walking better still.  I hope when the cane is gone they believe me then!!

Anyhow…I think we are going to go to Barr Lake and catch some fish.  Or maybe I will start to finish staining my deck.  I tried to do it last year but the heat really screwed with me.  Like I was saying before heat does still bug me a little. However without the fatigue the heat is much easier.

It feels sooooooooo good to look forward to weekends ( or the next day for that matter ) again!!