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Staying busy
May 29th, 2008 by Chenell

The next 2 days we will be at the convention for the Innovative Neurotronics to show off the WalkAide. Chris enjoys it because he gets to show people there is hope out there. He really feels it’s his job to inform folk of what is out there. A woman started to cry when she saw him last time because she didn’t think there was anything to help her walk. He got a little teary eyed too because he definitely knows what it’s like. At the same time Chris gets tears in his eyes when he hears ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ so go figure! He is really a sentimental fool! HA We have the shirt Shelly at Instant Imprints in Westminster CO made for us. Right across the front it says ‘got HiCy?’ in the ‘got milk?’ type style. I got the font for free on the internet so I’m not breaking any laws. On the back it has the other names for it. Pretty darn good and really noticeable.

Chris knows he will upset some neurologists and lifetime MS’ers today but he is glad to do it. Sometimes the truth hurts. Neuro’s can be so pig headed and so can he so this should be fun. We’ll get some pics!

Also we have some photos and video we will be putting up around July 4th. We took some pics of what he looked like with MS on March 11th the day before his treatment. Wait till you see the difference! When some one says ‘You look so good’ to someone with MS it really is kind of an insult. I get why it bothered him now because he looks so different! The muscle tone and overall health he is getting without really trying too hard is amazing!

Chris’ leg muscles are sore. He is focusing on walking the right way and not the MS way and his leg muscles are killing him. His hip and butt are bugging him because it’s been a long time. His right leg and hip actually hang lower in the mirror because of the lack of muscles in that leg. It’s slow but it’s getting better. He’s a 100 times better than March so what will the future bring??!!

I wanted to tell you I have noticed Chris’s cognitive issues have gotten much better. I think he may be normal. Back in March his mind was so gone he couldn’t keep normal conversations. If he was interrupted at all he would forget what he was talking about. He would ramble in stories as well. All of that is gone for the most part. I noticed it the other day when we got bothered right in the middle of something by the phone. He talked on the phone and then actually remembered what we were talking about when he was done. Never in a million years 6 months ago.

His father who lives on the other side of town also mentioned that Chris is walking better. I’m with him everyday. I see a miracle everyday so it may not be so noticeable to me.

Chris was bummed to learn that if you use a cane or a brace you are automatically 6.0. He probably won’t have a EDSS drop on the 18th because of that fact. He wants to do the walk without help but we will see. He’s constantly working out something on his legs because he knows its pure muscle weakness stopping him.  As all of you know the knee! Patience!

My Dad gets a new hip on Fri! Go Dad and good luck! We love you!

So that’s this week or so in a nutshell. Nothing to report but the little bit of drama. So goes life. If it isn’t one thing it’s another! :P Chris is continuing to get better and we don’t mind!

Also, we are flattered to tell you we are going to hit a half a million hits in the next week or two. We are averaging close to 100k hits a month with 3000 new viewers per month. Chris hopes this site is inspirational and informative and thanks you all!

Thanks again for all the emails and well wishers but we are fine so chillax! Please don’t create any more issues for us! lol

Till next time.


3 Responses to “Staying busy”
  1. pvns2005 Says:
    May 29th, 2008 at 1:18 pm

    Rock on my brotha…

    Well I will be getting the juice (HiCy) on June 24th or 25th as long as everything goes to plan and all my test show I am good to go.


  2. Chris Says:
    May 29th, 2008 at 8:51 pm

    Alright one more soon to be MS free!!

    God that makes me soooooo happy!

  3. pvns2005 Says:
    May 31st, 2008 at 3:45 pm


    Chris S.