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No news is good news and knee news.
April 21st, 2008 by Chenell

Try to say that 3 times fast!

We have NOT heard anything back from the doc on the blood tests from two weeks ago so i guess his counts are doing fine. Chris is going in again next month.

Today Chris saw a doctor about his right knee. They took a couple of x-rays and examined him. The good news is Chris won’t need surgery. His knee muscles are so atrophied that it’s pulling his kneecap all crooked. So they prescribed him physical therapy three times a week for the next 12 weeks. The doc said that Chris should be doing much, much better by the time his 3 month follow up with Johns Hopkins in July. This throws a real pickle into the mix. I’m looking for full-time employment and Chris is going to need PT 3 times a week. We have one car and Chris still isn’t sure of his driving abilities. I don’t know of many employers willing to give an employee that kind of time off. I am thinking I may need to find a part-time job for now. We’ll figure it out.

Chris is pretty ecstatic that he doesn’t need surgery. PT isn’t going to be much fun but it will get him trained to walk normally again. It’s going to be some hard work these months ahead. No one ever said getting better was easy. We are going to go on some sort of low carb diet. Chris and I have gained a bit of weight and want to kick start our fat loss.

Chris’ 3 month follow up is scheduled with Dr. Kerr for July 30th. Chris spoke with Dr. Hammond today and is going to start on the Copaxone injections. It has been shown in animals that have been given Copaxone they can’t get MS. Chris will probably be on it for 6mo to 1 yr. It’s a minor inconvenience to ensure this awful disease doesn’t come back. Chris has worked out that he gets his MRIs and other required tests done there at JH. We seem to have a hard time finding a doctor locally who has their act together. He is going to call in our MRIs here locally so that we don’t have to go see a doctor to have them write the order.

I wish I had more to report but it’s nice that things are returning to “normal.” Thank you guys so much for your continued thoughts and support. It means so much to Chris and I.


P.S. If you are going to go through with the HiCy protocol and want your own blog please e-mail me and I’ll see what I can work out for you. :)

2 Responses to “No news is good news and knee news.”
  1. Ron Young Says:
    April 22nd, 2008 at 8:05 am

    Your in luck. I know a taxi cab driver that will be able to help with the PT appointements once or twice a week [possible all three times but that won’t be known until later]. Just give the driver more than a day or two notice and he should be available. Let me know and I will pass it along.

  2. pvns2005 Says:
    April 22nd, 2008 at 8:46 am

    Great news about the knee. I had knee surgery on both knees when I was 21 in the military. Not a pleasent surgery to have. Do some leg curls with ankle weights just sitting in a chair. That will get the Quads around your knee built up.

    JH has told me that they want to see me for the HiCy evaution sometime in May. Waiting for the call back for the date.

    Keep on plugging away guys…

    Chris S.