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3rd visit to HIPOP
March 22nd, 2008 by Chenell

We made our third trip to the IPOP today. It’s becoming rather routine now for Chris to have two vials of blood drawn every day. When they flush his Hickman IV line, Chris can feel the coolness and actually taste the saline solution. Today the nurse started Chris on the Filgrastim IV. They will give him Filgrastim from day 6 until his Neutrophil level is 1,000+ for two consecutive days. Neutrophils are the more active of the white blood cells responsible for the immune system. In addition to the Filgrastim, they had him on a fluids drip. The drip was only for 30 minutes but we have to wait for the lab tests to come back every time before we can leave. We killed some time playing cards. Chris’ WBC is now below 350, his RBC has risen .15 to 4.53 and his platelets have dropped to 97. Heaven forbid he gets a cut and starts bleeding, it would be difficult to stop it.

We have to keep monitoring Chris’ temperature until his WBC is back to normal. He is vulnerable to fever and infection until his immune system is back. I have been washing my hands constantly and using the liquid hand sanitizer. My hands are so dry and scaly right now it’s painful at times, I have to try to remember to throw on some lotion every now and then. I try to wear latex gloves when preparing meals. I also spray down our hotel room with Lysol and Oust.

Chris is definitely feeling anemic. He is tired, but says it’s not an MS tired. If he gets up and walks around he gets worn out easily. He was actually feeling better a few days ago when his numbers were higher. It’s to be expected, less blood cells means less oxygen going to the muscles.

Chris had some complaints about feeling achy after the Filgrastim infusion. It is almost a flu-like ache in your larger bones. It’s gotten better the more that time progresses.

We also found out today that we needed to cover Chris’ bandage when he showers. That would have been nice to know last night. The nurse recommended Glad’s Press n’ Seal wrap. I went to the store when we got back and picked some up. That stuff works like a charm, sticks right to the bandage! I’d like to see Glad advertise that use for their product! LOL

Tomorrow is our next appointment. We don’t even get Eater off, oh well! :) I am curious to see what Chris’ counts will be like tomorrow.

Take care and Happy Easter!


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  1. Sandy Says:
    March 23rd, 2008 at 9:19 am

    Hi Chris and Chenell,

    Still following you guys. Hope your bone marrow steps up to the plate quickly. Just curious, any change in the MS yet?