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Chris had his 1st dose of HiCy today
March 13th, 2008 by Chenell

Wow, what a long day. I know how I’m feeling and I didn’t nearly have the day Chris had.

Our day started at about 6am. Got Chris up and wiped him down with those antibacterial/antimicroorganism cloths again. We called the front desk at about 7:30 to ask them to have the shuttle ready so we can be at Johns Hopkins at 8am.

We were running a bit late, mostly because Chris had to take a crap and those type of things just can’t wait with him. So we fly down to the lobby as fast as we can and the shuttle isn’t there. The lady at the front desk called again and found out that the driver didn’t show up this morning! That would have been good to know, oh when we originally called them. So I go down to one corner and one of the bellhops or whatever you want to call him went to another to try to flag down a cab while the front desk lady was on hold with the cab company.

So the cab shows up, it’s like 8:10am by now. We have him drive as quickly as possible to Johns Hopkins, which is normally about a 10 minute drive. He got us there in probably 5 minutes. So we go into the main entrance of the hospital to the receptionist and she tells us to go over to admitting. We give that woman Chris’ ID, insurance card, etc. We wait for her to get things together only to find out that hey, we did do admitting paperwork the day before.

So now we are really late to be in Blaylock 5 to have the central/main IV put in. We finally get up there and wait in that waiting room for them to call him to do more paperwork. They put an IV into his hand so that they could sedate him. I think finally at about 9:30ish they had him all prepped and ready to go. So we then began the waiting game. It wasn’t until 12:20 that he got wheeled into the place to get the main line.

I ran to the cafeteria to grab some lunch and a sandwich for Chris in case they didn’t feed him. Please be advised that the cafeteria as well as all of the other shops at Johns Hopkins only take cash. Chris was done with his main line before I even got back to the waiting room.

So now they get him into his room (about 3:30) and start giving him bags of fluids to keep him hydrated. They got the order put in for the HiCy and that wasn’t going to be ready until 8pm but Diane, Chris’ nurse talked them into getting it sooner since she was supposed to leave at 7pm.

At this time I took the shuttle back to the hotel to get a few items for Chris and make a stop at the grocery store up the street for a few supplies. I had to get something to feed myself while Chris is enjoying lovely hospital meals. :)

So I managed to get back to Chris’ room at about 6:30pm after running all over the place and getting myself something to eat. Diane showed me the family lounge room that has a computer with internet access, microwave, and fridge. The actual hospital rooms themselves do not have any internet access. You have to pay $10 a day to have a TV as well. They could make a killing if they offered wi-fi internet at a cost to the patient.

So Chris officially started his first HiCy treatment at 6:58pm eastern time. It goes into his system over an hour time period. Chris’ major complaints were a bad headache and nausea. They gave him meds to try to keep him from puking but those only worked for a little while. Chris got up to go to the restroom and I think the motion made him yack. They gave him another IV drug to help with that but it was already too late, he has puked. It smelled so bad I though I was going to puke myself.

They gave Chris a few different pain killers tonight. I can’t remember all of them but I know he got 2 doses of morphine while I was there and was pretty out of it. With all those pain killers the main line didn’t bother him anymore and his headache ceased shortly after the second dose of morphine.

I had to leave to catch the last shuttle back to the hotel at 10pm. Chris was puking right before I left and the night nurse had just given him something for the puking.

I was a little PO’ed at the shuttle driver. I called him at 9:40 telling him to be at the Weinberg building at 10. I guess he waited 10-15 minutes at the door for me and then left to pick up someone else. He had my cell number in his cell that I called but did he have the decency to call me when he was waiting? No! So I called him at like 10:10 and he said he’d be back in about 10 minutes. He was talking to a friend on his cell phone the whole way back, didn’t even ask me which hotel I needed to be at (Park or Plaza) and pulled up to the Plaza door. I said “No, this isn’t the right place, I’m at the Park.” He never did ask me where I was going when I got in. :P The daytime drivers are a lot more professional, but what can you do. If all else fails the cab ride back would only be about $6.

Anyway, it has been a very long exhausting day. It’s 11:20pm here and I want to get back to my room so I can go to bed.

More to come tomorrow!


P.S. Dinner last night was awesome! We went to Mick O’Shea’s irish pub and had a killer meal. You would never expect a bar to have food that good!

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  1. JR Says:
    March 14th, 2008 at 6:01 am

    Hi Chenell. Hang in there. Thanks for the update.