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Chris wants you to know
March 7th, 2008 by Chenell

Chris forgot to tell you something and he worries God may get him so he wants this said:

This is his testimonial:

He believes in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Whatever happens he thanks God for it. God has given and he can taketh just as quickly. He tells it like it is and by doing so the bible says it is praising God. Always remember good is all around and all you need to do is look. Remember the golden rule, but also remember God makes you strong in front of your enemies and accusers!
Hate evil. Hate the enemy as much as you love God. Satan is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and we need to be vigilant. There is nothing in the bible that says you need to be a fool. Let God be your guide.

He asks that you love each other and remember, everything we do is a tribute to God and only good can come from God, and only God can change evil to good.

He also asks that if you believe in God or a higher power please say a prayer for all the folks out there who are doing worse than him and do not have this opportunity to get better yet. He is praying for you all and hopes he can get you better quicker by doing this.