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A Cure For MS? So Simple?
November 28th, 2007 by Chris

OK folks.  I’m not going to have MS anymore it looks like.  No I’m not going to stop having it from my own conviction, but I will now be getting a new treatment for MS and what is looking very promising to be a cure.

This is called Revimmune, High Dose Cyclophosphamide, or HI-Cy.   It’s being offered by the John’s Hopkins Institute in Baltimore Maryland.  Within 6-9 months this will hopefully be a viable treatment in multiple locations over the USA.  For now, you will need to go to Hopkins for this.  As with anything MS related, the sooner you do this the better chance you have got.

What will happen to me is this:

I will be sending all of my Medical Records and a new MRI report to Dr. Kerr and his staff.  They will review over the records and then make the decision to allow me in at which time they will call me in for a consultation.  I will head to Baltimore for the consult and for some baseline neurological testing.  I will then return home where I will have blood workups, x-rays, and heart tests to make sure I can handle the treatment.  In the meantime JHI will be going to bat for me with the insurance company getting the treatment cleared BY INSURANCE.  When the insurance company sees this is a one time thing, and much cheaper than all the other drugs a normal MS’er uses, they say “Hell Ya!  Get ‘er Done!”

So when insurance clears it I will get the call to come to Baltimore.  I will need to be there by Protocol for 1 month.  I will be in a hotel.  I hope it’s a nice one.

The actual treatment will be 4 days of outpatient chemotherapy.  This will kill off my entire immune system except for the Bone Marrow.  With the help of a Human Growth hormone and some bags of fluids (plasma and blood I believe) my immune system will rebuild itself within a couple of weeks.  So we know it’s rogue blood cells in the immune system that cause MS and this destroys them as well as destroys the memory of your immune system.

At 12 months I will need to have all my childhood vaccinations again.  For that time I will be on some general anti- everything drugs from what I understand.  Could I get sick?  Yes. The thing to remember is the diseases you get vaccinated for as a child.  They are not very prominent anymore are they?  There is a reason for that.  They are not as common anymore.  The other things your body can combat naturally…AKA the flu, a cold.

Now for the real information you want to hear.  The endpoint is to improve, so if you do not improve, you will definitely know the disease activity is done nevertheless.  Everyone however is showing improvement.  Everyone that my contact has seen.

So I’m stating today to up the workout schedule and the good food intake.  I’m sick as an animal right now but I gotta be better by… oh lets say…NOW!

I expect to be running by this time next year.  I’m not kidding. 

Carrie Trecker at JHI


One Response to “A Cure For MS? So Simple?”
  1. Melissa Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 12:13 am

    Hi Chris,

    I have MS too and just started following your journey with HiCy. I wish you the best!

    Regarding the childhood vaccinations: Get Dr. Sears ‘The Vaccine Book’ – it goes through each vaccine one by one. It is a book about kids but it is a nice, level-headed book that describes each disease and the risk/benefit of the vaccine. Having had MS, I’d worry a bit about the possible neurological reactions from some of the shots (especially the MMR, which is a live virus injection that can cause some funky neurological stuff.) The first thing my neurologist asked me when I had my first MS attack was ‘Were you vaccinated recently?’

    A lot of the immunity gained by childhood shots has worn off by adulthood (I had my titers checked for MMR and am not immune!) So without the shots, you might not be any more at risk than you were before you got a new immune system. I’d ask your neuro if you could skip some of them and research the risk/benefit of each shot. I’d be worried that a vaccine might trigger MS again. But then again, I’m a chronic worry wart! :)