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We had the party and it went well until…..
November 18th, 2007 by Chris

The party went great but then someone got too too too too too too too too too drunk.

The guy is a nice guy. Nothing wrong with him. When my wife went to bed he decided it was time to start talking about her like she was a whore or something. He said things that even if they were true about someone, well, I wouldn’t say it out loud to someone. Let alone to a hubby.

Seriously,it’s not like he said she was fat or ugly. If it was something so clear black and white it would be one thing. I mean sorry, if your fat, your fat. If your ugly you are ugly. It’s not an attack on character.

Well I let it go once and voiced what I thought about it and he decided to say it again. Even corrected me when I repeated it back to him.

So I got up and with the help of my Walkaide I walked over to where he was and had him stand up. Then I took my cane and hit him as hard as I could with it across his ribs.

I feel bad about it today. It hurt him bad. He actually was crying. I hope I didn’t break a rib on him or something. I just can’t believe he said the stuff he said.

So for the first time since I quit doing drugs I’ve gotten myself into a fight. (except for when a girlfriend of ours was getting beat up by her old man) I can tell I’m a different person because this time I feel bad for it. Really bad for it. Just can’t believe how dumb he was.

Simply stated, don’t screw with my wife. Don’t. If she isn’t there to get you herself, I will.

Love you honey!

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