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Good News!
November 14th, 2007 by Chris

I’m in. Im in. I’m in. I’m in.

Looks like I will be living in Baltimore Maryland for a month, hopefully January. I’m going to loose my hair, I may loose my lunch, and I may even loose MS!!

EDSS is how they rank us gimps. I’m an EDSS of 6-7 depending on the day. 10 is dead. 1 being minimal dissability. The girl in the video is now a one I’m guessing. The reason being if you watch her run, she does it in a weird kinda way.

She went gimp almost immediately and had it for 7 years. I got nailed with it hard officially in 2004 three months after I got married. That puts me at three years so I figue maybe, just maybe, I got a chance.

I want to get back into grappeling and jujitsu. I actually was learning from a dojo that was run by ol man Grace and I had to quit because of it. So jealous of the wife :P I want to go biking with my Dog. I want to stay awake for a whole day and be sharp. I want to come out of this “fog”. I don’t want this constant hugging sensation. I don’t want my muscles to constantly cramp. I don’t want my leg to shake when I put any pressure on it. I don’t want clonus anymore. I don’t want to take over 10 different medications anymore. I don’t want to take a shot. I don’t want to use a wheelchair. I don’t want to use a cain. I don’t want to be afraid of going places because they have stairs. I don’t want to not be able to work out. I don’t want to use the Walkaide to drive because my foot is tired. I don’t want to brake with my left foot anymore.

I want to play drums again. I want to play guitar again. I want to be in the band again. I want to bike again. I want to walk the dog again. I want to work again. I want to healthier than I am now.

Funny, I’m in better health now than I’ve been since HS. I’m stronger than I was, but it doesn’t matter. Can’t do anything with it.

However it seems the recovery is made so much easier for people who have these wants and goals and are healthy now.

I would love to stop taking Zoloft. I would love to know if it’s the disease, and the damage to my brain that made me act so crazy for so long, or if I’m just a dumbass :P. Probably the later ha! Doesn’t matter. IF it’s Zoloft that helps out…cool lol.

So anyhow there is life in a nushell for a while.