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Back from Dallas
October 26th, 2007 by Chris


Well we had the MS conference in Dallas and it went spectacular! The one competitor, which to me isn’t a real challenger, was parked right next to us! We had people next to us all day and I saw times where we had 5 or 6 people gathered around us and there wasn’t one person at theirs. I almost felt sorry for them but darn it if my competitive nature didn’t get the best of me.

They had folks for Marijuana legalization for medicine there as well. Really anything to do with MS past present future kind of thing. It was funny how people all knew what Tovaxin and Revimmune are. The folk who showed up at this convention were the proactive bunch. Definitely not the folk who sit around and suck and let this disease get them. I saw one woman in a wheelchair that couldn’t move or talk that day, but she was still there!

I has people tell me I was an inspiration. I told them necessity is the mother of all invention. If I wasn’t scared to death I wouldn’t be where I’m at now! I found more inspiration in the woman I spoke of above than I do in me but if I can help get this thing covered by insurance than I’ve done my job.

I’ll upload all the Dallas pics soon! I went and saw where Kennedy took a bullet, went up to the 6th floor museum in the book depository. Took some pics of the grassy knoll and all that good stuff. I couldn’t believe how close that shot actually was.  I could have thrown a rock and hit him in the head if he was going slow!  Seriously, all the stuff you see makes it look so much farther away than it was.  Funny how the grassy knoll is located directly next to a parking lot, and a train yard. I really want to know if it was by the parking lot back then.  The shot from the knoll also seemed farther from the one above too.  (If there was a shot from there) They do not let you take pics in the museum either which I thought was odd as hell. Oh well it was cool.

The food was great from room service too. Regency Hyatt is great place to stay. If I had to pay for it I couldn’t LOL!!!

Talk to you all soon!