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What a week…
September 21st, 2007 by Chris

Well the Walkaide is making me better and my gait has improved so I need to go get this thing re-timed. I wanted to do it this weekend but it’s not happening. I will do it this upcoming week for sure because the awards ceremony is on Fri night and I want to be my best.

I also had an appointment with a Hanger subsidiary to get some new lighter, well fitting shoes. I gotta tell you though the service with these people are shotty at best. I guess Marletta has totally spoiled me. I was told I would get a call yesterday for my shoes after UPS showed up. I happened to be driving by when the UPS showed up, so I stopped in. No one even looked at me. I sat there for 15 minutes and no one even talked to me so I left. I waited all day and I never got a call, nor have I received one yet today. I would think they would like my business!! LOL

Then yesterday I had the fun of Botox in my calf muscle. Botox has some pain involved, not bad at all really, but it does hurt a little. Today I’m fine, now I’m just waiting to see it work. 5 or 6 shots all into the muscles. Couple of them made me sit up a bit lol!

Next weekend we are in Detroit…we cannot wait. We will finally get to Canada. We love getting out of the Country!