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Another boring ol’ week–UPDATE!!
September 10th, 2007 by Chris

Nothing new to report. We have an MS Walk coming up in October we are starting to get ready for and I should be getting the Botox this week. I hope so, the RX got all screwed with because of Labor Day and I have 0 Baclofen for about 3 days now. Needless to say I can’t straighten my legs or bend them. They are just kinda stuck at a 45 degree angle. It’s hard to uncross them to.

Isn’t MS fun! So because thats bugging me, and it was still around 80 in the house, I’m one grumpy dude. The weather just broke and the coolness is great, but I’m getting dizzy sometimes now, (not like before) and the spasticity is friggin horrid! No pain tho!!!!!!!!
So just so you all know, even though I’ve been feeling better…I still have MS and I still suck. I’m also still in a lousy mood.

But in the last week somethings have simplified. Genesis is coming to town. Wife may be able getting a better paying job. Some immature folk we know may not be around here anymore, and all we did was spent time feeling sorry for them, so good for our Ora.

Might be getting my immune system nuked with a really high poisonous chemo. Hair falls out and I’ll damn near die. The thought is to try to kill old the immune system and let it rebuild itself fresh from the marrow. The MS cells don’t regrow. 100% reductions in relapse rates. Also, when the immune system kicks in so do some new stem cells. Might need to go spend a week in Long Island NY.
M’eh welcome to a rainy Monday…

–I just found out Innovative Neurotronics is sending the Wife and I to Dearborn, Michigan for a conference on the 28th of Sept.  We loves to travel!!  It’s a whirlwind tour though. In and out.  Be back the next day.  It’s OK though, not a big fan of Detroit.

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