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Summer Sux!
August 20th, 2007 by Chris

I’m in Denver, it’s been over 90 degree’s, and I’m in hell! All my MS symptoms of course are worse. I don’t know why, but heat makes me feel bad, even if I’m cool. I’m inside for the most part.

I started taking Amantidine again for fatigue. It’s helping some, mostly with clarity. I’m still getting tired and if I get myself into doing something I’m getting tired quicker and it’s all heat related. Luckily it’s supposed to break this week and head for the mid 80’s and I got a feeling I will feel like doing somersaults.

Walkaide kicks butt still. Last week we had a conference to go to for Hanger Ortho where Marletta and I were the dinner entertainment. They said I did a good job :P I guess no one is yelling at me.

So anyhoo…nothing to report…I want to start cartooning again but with this heat I start and to wander and I get tired :P

Well we’ll see……