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July 21st, 2007 by Chris



Take a look at my vacation pics. The pics you see of me in the outdoors w/o my chair I NEVER would’ve tried before the Walkaide. I’m sorry I’m not posting much but I’ve been doing a lot of things I couldn’t do before. I’m still fatigue and all that but in the mornings and night I’m a lot better because I’m not slinging my leg around.

Folks I’m telling ya, just go to Hanger and tell them you want to try it. They’ll let you give it a go. My leg is getting stronger! I’m going for walks again!!

I have an appointment on Aug 27th for the clonus. It’s called a Spasticity Clinic. They will be the ones to prescribe the Botox. When the legs stop shaking I may even try to bike again.

The second link is for anyone who wants to go to ND and do the best Walleye fishing of your life. The mans name is Greg Schoneck. He is handicap friendly, and he even let our dog come out on the boat! The man showed us a great time and we will never choose anyone else. Seriously…one hell of a guy!!