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Kudos to Marletta and Innovative Neurotronics!
June 24th, 2007 by Chris

Just realized I forgot every single one of the electrodes for the Walkaide. I just got one the phone with Marletta and she is hooking it up to have some waiting for me when I get to Bismarck. Man I thought I was screwed!!

Now I’m going to the Badlands to enjoy the 100 degree heat! But at least I won’t be sweating anything besides the heat!!

One Response to “Kudos to Marletta and Innovative Neurotronics!”
  1. Judy Ensign Says:
    June 26th, 2007 at 10:54 am

    Hi Chris! Such great news about the walk aide. I started on VIBE after reading your website about three months ago. It was a low spot in my life, having recently been asked to leave my job of 6 years. I had been doing “not so well” for several months and ignoring symptoms as usual. Any way, I started on VIBE and didn’t notice anything special, but continued it for three months. I now have NOT taken it for a couple of weeks and do I notice the difference in my energy, my mental acuity, and some physical symptoms. So – thanks! Thanks also for responding to my email back then. It helped so much! I have a job again and so need the added energy and clarity that VIBE gives me. I see refernces from ND. Where do you live? I grew up in SW ND. Judy