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Tovaxin update!
June 19th, 2007 by Chris

So here is something interesting I found out about why I’m not making the cells and what is going to happen now.
It bugs me to see these people expecting to walk again from Tovaxin. Everyone wants to have a “Tim” turn around but reality is we’ve been damaged. I hear he still walks slow. He still has a tremor. The disease has stopped but guess what…He Still Has MS Damage!! LOL Be smart. Expect in a couple of years to get your vaccine and one morning you will wake up and you won’t NOT FEEL something new. Then it’s a success.

This is a response that was posted to me on a message board I belong to:


I think you might know that Tim’s on vacation right now although he has been hiking to the internet cafe in Podunk, Wisconsin for an occasional post when the mosquitos are biting better than the fish.

Tim not only knows more about what you ask but is better at explaining than I am, but yes Opexa’s hope is that in the near future you and 95% of the MS population will be able to benefit from Tovaxin.

From what I’ve understood Tim to say in the past is that everyone produces mrtc’s (including people who don’t have MS).

I’ve gotten the idea that mrtc’s can be detected in everyone and that the vaccine can be made for everyone, but the lab has to be able to expand the numbers of those mrtc’s isolated from your blood donation to (in the IIb) 35-40 million within the time confines for dosing which were specified as conditions of this clinical trial.

For the people who didn’t make it into the clinical trial it seems that certain things “mask” some of the mrtc’s from lab technicians so that enough mrtc’s can’t be replicated within the dosing schedule. Others it seems have mrtc’s which for some reason just replicate slowly and keep the lab technicians from creating a dose in the required time.

When/if Tovaxin makes it through the clinical trial process and it’s confines and gets the OK from the FDA I think you’ve find a markedly more favorable situation for the patients even if the technicians at Opexa don’t make a single improvement between now and then.

I’d have to guess that as things currently are Opexa could make at least a dose or two a year for anyone with MS (at this point I can only say RRMS) and I would also have to guess that a dose or two per year of Tovaxin would be markedly more effective than anything else available AND wouldn’t require constant injection, feeling like crap and worrying about what it’s going to do to you in 20 years.

Wife diagnosed with MS in Feb. 2006 and is a participant in the Tovaxin IIb clinical trial.

Cool huh? Ya I thought so!

Also, do your exercises and eat right because if you are not healthy, you may not be one of the first to get it!

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