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What a great weekend!!
June 11th, 2007 by Chris

OK it was my B-day on Saturday. On Saturday we saw some friends we have not seen in years. Also we had a barbecue where I made my ribs and some JalapeƱo Poppers. The ribs marinade for a day and then I make a homemade BBQ sauce. Friggin Delicious!!

Well I’m loving the Walkaide. The muscle in my leg is getting stronger. I’m going to look into getting some Botox shots in my calves to help to relieve the clonus. When I get back from vacation I’m going to start doing balance and leg strengthening exercises. Up until now all I’ve done is concentrated on my upper body so as you will see soon, I look great! LOL It’s helped with and MS related symptoms in my upper body. Now I need to look lower.

I’m talking to a Karate Studio in Denver called PMA. Reason being is I loved to grapple. Now that I’ve gotten stronger I’ve been able to do a lot of things I didn’t think I could anymore concerning grappling. Well I’m hoping to develop a self defense course with PMA for folks with disabilities. The reason I use these folks is the owner is trained by the Grace Dojo out of Brazil. These folks taught us before the MS and we know just how good they are.
We got some more pics, and some video too I think. I will check with the Mrs. and see what is going on there. This month with the trip and birthdays and all this stuff we have been busy. At the same time if it wasn’t for the mobility the Walkaide is giving me I wouldn’t be doing a good deal of it. I mean I can walk in the grass again.

However the Walkaide does not help when you drink to much. You would think we won the lottery the way we partied. I officially was bombed lol!

Last night was the Police concert. A really, really, first class, dynamite show. Sting has aged well, and so has the drummer. The guitar player has gotten a bit older. Well a lot lol. We spent like 60 bucks on food and destroyed our diet. I mean come on! How can you pass up fresh roasted nuts, cheese steaks, and Bloody Mary’s?

So now as soon as I’m done here I got to go exercise and get tickets to Genesis in Oct. I hate to say something this cruddy but, “Membership has it’s privileges.” When your a gimp and need HC seating you are almost always guaranteed a seat! And we had no one in our way!!

Glad to report it’s pretty obvious to see who got the Tovaxin and who didn’t!

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