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OK, I’m Back With Good News!
April 30th, 2007 by Chris

OK it’s only been two months since you last heard from me. I’m sorry about my hiatus but I’ve been extremely busy working on things to help all us MSers out.

I will be starting a video blog to time line my experience over the next year using the products on my site. Today I’m being fitted for the WalkAide. I’ll also be showing you folks some recipes, exercises, vitamin health, as well as my life for the next year.

This weekend is the MS walk in Denver Colorado and this is where I will be debuting the WalkAide. I will have on a yellow Innovative Neurotronics shirt so if you see me and want to say hi, please do.

The cartoon is huge! People love it!! If you want prints let me know!

Remember I’m a tool to help you folks. I expect questions so I can answer them. Please let me know what’s on your minds.

Folks, all we’ve had is a really bad stroke. Now I’m going to show you all how to rehab yourselves. :)