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UGH, I kinda miss my drugs :P
August 29th, 2006 by Chris

Well yesterday I didn’t go to work because my hand was twitching pretty seriously. I have quit the LDN and I believe it was what helped this. When I started taking LDN it was because I was twitching and shaking. It stopped within 2 hours of my first dose. I started twitching a little last weekend but Sunday was bad, and Monday was too.

I talked with the study folks and they told me I got more than one try to produce MRTC’s so I have good chances of getting in this still. I am in so –ugh again…”Go MRTC!! Multiply!!!”

Well anyhoo, The shaking is gone today for the most part. They told me it could be Ginko Biloba. I quit it and I was a bit better today. I went to work. I moved computers and what not with a cart, but my legs tired easily today. I am on with my Baclofen dose so I am doing all I can.

It’s hard to believe that I actually could be within 2 months of actually feeling better. I can’t believe I am gauranteed the real thing in 1 year or so even if I get the placebo. I can’t believe I may not be able to produce MRTC maybe and I could have all this pulled away.

I am not a pesimist. I just know the chances of me even getting MS is amazingly astronomical. Why should I think I am so good? I hope and pray I can do this trial but if some way I can help even if I can’t well that is good too. I am selfish I want it of course. I want to feel better. I want to have my youth back. I do know if I can get MS I sure as hell don’t need to believe I’m going to get a vaccine.

I am so happy I am where I am, I assure you when I find out I make those cells, PARTY TIME!!! HAHA

Then I think I can go a little more optomistic. :P

One Response to “UGH, I kinda miss my drugs :P”
  1. YOUR DAD Says:
    September 11th, 2006 at 4:58 pm

    what drugs are you missing??